System Design

From the initial brief we will put together a bespoke solution which will meet both the functionality required and your budget. As main dealers for leading manufacturers we can offer a quality range of equipment and furniture including bespoke cabinets, bars for multi-use rooms, and specialist products such as mirror TVs, projector and TV lifts, Art Speakers for clients who want to hide the technology as well as star fields to add that extra wow factor. Full wiring schematics for AV, lighting and control required by architects, contractors can be provided where we are not installing the cabling.

Design service, wiring schematics, LED lighting, blinds, TV/audio distribution, home automation, whole house control, dedicated home cinemas, entertainment system

Home Automation and Control

Where home automation is required Total Control Automation can also be planned into the client’s home.

Benefits include:

• Make all your audio & video Products work together.

• Control your entertainment with ease from remotes iPads and iPhones.

• Unclutter your home.

• Convenient access to music and playlists around the house.

• Stream music from the internet.

• Control music and entertainment in other rooms with one touch.

• Integrates with 3rd party smart lighting systems.

• Automate lights & thermostats to save energy & money.

Smart Lighting & Blind Control

Rako is leading the way in providing state of the art digital dimming technology and blind/curtain control, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of discerning clients with lighting systems that are simple to use, creative and cost effective.

Benefits include:-

• Recall lighting scenes or moods with the touch of a single button.

• Advanced features include master on or off on a single keypad, “Holiday Mode” security, timed events and automatic dawn/dusk programming.

• Multi-way control includes Android & iOS Smart Phone & Tablet as well as 3rd party home automation systems such as Total Control.

• Scalable & expandable – Install in one room and expand as your needs change or automate your whole home.

Multi-Room Audio Distribution

URC Total Control has implemented ground-breaking network audio streaming using lossless data compression technology. This means you can listen to CD quality audio that is not compressed and noisy in comparison to other multi-zone audio systems currently on the market. With multiple URC network amplifiers you can share audio sources across zones, up to 32 sources in total, all playing independently or in perfectly synchronised party mode.

This is possible given that Universal Remote Control has implemented cutting edge streaming technology, making your audio crystal clear with no audible signal degradation.

• Stream any legacy audio products to music zones throughout the house.

• Seamlessly integrate Sonos digital music.

• Uncompressed audio in every zone.

• Simple control from dedicated handheld controllers, wall mounted keypads or iOS Smart Phones & Tablets.

Multi-Room Video Distribution

With the growing popularity of large flat screen televisions, distributing high definition video around the house has become a basic requirement.

• Our HD video distribution system enables you to easily share HD source devices (Sky HD, Virgin HD, blu-ray, Apple TV, CCTV etc) throughout the house with no loss in quality. Reduce the amount of boxes and cables in the room.

• Distributes Full HD (including 3D) video & audio throughout the house.

Managed WiFi Distribution

In an increasingly wireless world, it is more and more important to get a reliable signal throughout your home, our WiFi management system does just that. It connects to your broadband router and delivers fast, reliable WiFi connections via self-powered access points to all of your smartphones and tablets.

• Reduces WiFi interference.

• Constantly measures and adjusts for optimal signal quality.

• Advanced Security.

• Robust & reliable WiFi.


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