Dedicated Home Cinema Room & Music Room – North London

Dedicated Home Cinema and Music Listening Room – North London

Kent Home Cinema have undertaken a number of projects over a couple of years for a client in North London client. This was recently extended to include other members of the family. This client was very particular about the quality of both picture and sound and as we are main dealers for a comprehensive range of manufacturer’s we were able to recommend and eventually install products which met their brief.

Client View

“I decided to buy Home Cinema In 2011. I visited five biggest UK Home Cinema providers and chosen Kent Home Cinema over all other companies because their specialists were more competent and friendly and their range was the most interesting. Kent Home cinema offering best Picture and the best Sound. Other companies tend to offer you most expensive brands or service you did not need. Andy Collie, Kent Home Cinema Director, demonstrated different projectors and plasma screens to me over three days. He recommended sound and seating which suited my purposes.

In 2012 I purchased from Kent Home Cinema two Home theatres for my house and one Home theatre for my parents’ house. My first Home cinema equipped with projector, screen, two blu-ray players, receiver and 7.1 audio system. It has two rows of seating. Second Home cinema equipped with plasma screen, two blu-ray players, receiver and 11.1 audio system. It was a new house and Kent Home Cinema worked with my builder to create suitable Home cinema rooms.

Kent Home Cinema Had provided installation just at time we agreed. Rooms were top-notch, equipment and seating was delivered just in time also. Equipment installation and calibration took three days and it was a real pleasure having Kent Home Cinema team at the house. It was a new house and the team was very careful with the floor and furniture around. I would never be able to receive such good products for such a price. It was a right decision to do the project with Kent Home Cinema!

In three months after installation the team came again to calibrate the equipment. It is important procedure in the first year and should not be avoided. It took them one day and I was very happy with result. I use these Home cinemas for two years and stopped going to Movie theatres, because quality of my picture and sound are way better. All my guests, who watching movies with me, are very impressed with the quality of experience.

I keep calling Kent Home Cinema to ask their opinion on the new products and they always deliver the honest one. They never were pushing me to buy a new product. If the product is unreliable or a bad value for money they will honestly say so. As a result, I am upgrading my equipment and always have a best picture and sound available. When in five years I will completely change my Home cinemas, I will buy it in Kent Home Cinema only, because it is best company in UK for this purpose!”

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